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The frontiers of Nifty.

Next steps on the SEBI story: An interview with U. K. Sinha, by Puja Mehra and Rajiv Bhuva, in Business Today. Mobis Philipose in the Mint. Uproar over I-T raids on SEBI members, in Business Today. In probing SEBI board members, go by CVC rule: Abraham, by Sunny Verma, . . . → Read More: Interesting readings for July 7, 2011

Using Google Search to Measure Unemployment

So, this is cool. As reported in the Freakonomics blog, Google has a feature that allows users to correlate public patterns with search term usage. You supply data, such as initial unemployment claims, and Google will evaluate which search phrases best correlate with the data provided. Justin Wolfers reports,

I fed in the weekly . . . → Read More: Using Google Search to Measure Unemployment

Forever Foraging for Fiber

Not much recent local activity in the race to win Google’s Fiber contest, if contest is the right word.  Am I missing anything?

A website has a daily ranking of how someone out there thinks different communities are faring in their persistent post: Who is Winning the Google Fiber Race? [Updated Daily]

How anyone . . . → Read More: Forever Foraging for Fiber

Google Earns Nearly $2B in Q4

Google says that the advertising market is beginning to return to normal. And normal for them means close to a $2B quarterly profit.

Their latest earning release also highlighted a 17% year on year growth in revenues — now up to $6.67B per quarter — from $5.7B per quarter during the same period in . . . → Read More: Google Earns Nearly $2B in Q4