TARP Payback Outlook Brightens Even Further

On Wednesday, taxpayers received additional paybacks from their investments in the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP).

General Motors Corp., which went public last month, repurchased it’s preferred shares in the program to the tune of $2.1B.

Additionally, common shares held by the Treasury are now valued at nearly $17B based on GM’s closing price . . . → Read More: TARP Payback Outlook Brightens Even Further

GM’s IPO: A “Smart” Investment?

I finally came around to reviewing some of last week’s news regarding GM’s successful IPO. While this had obviously led to the usual and expected, self-congratulatory verbiage from President Obama and his political allies, others had expressed a bit more caution, and rightly so. With GM stock closing at $34.50 last Thursday (November 19), . . . → Read More: GM’s IPO: A “Smart” Investment?

General Motors: “Extraordinary Turnaround”

On Thursday, General Motors Corp. posted its best quarterly profit in six years in one of the clearest signs yet the ailing automaker (and its beleaguered industry) is on a road to recovery.

The record profits were posted slightly more than 12 months after a steep drop-off in sales caused by the financial crisis . . . → Read More: General Motors: “Extraordinary Turnaround”

Keeping Up with the Jetsons

In about 10 years we could all feel a little closer, technologically speaking, to George Jetson. Although our cars probably won’t be flying, they could be driving themselves. In June 2008, Carnegie Mellon University issued a press release stating that their robotics institute had just received a $5 million grant from General Motors. This . . . → Read More: Keeping Up with the Jetsons