Men, migration

Just for the infographic in itself this is worth looking at from the NYT last week: A migration of unmarried men.  Pennsylvania does not seem to show up in those migration stats at all.  It makes me wonder about a lot of things.  Was there some vast untapped labor resource in Pennsylvania for these . . . → Read More: Men, migration

Anecdote vs. Data

Let me make some introductions.  Data meet news, news meet data.

I just caught this headline.. but the Patriot News had article over the weekend: Marcellus Shale industry brings ‘tsunami of jobs’ to Pa.. which really was more of an anecdotal story focused on a woman getting a job in the drilling industry here . . . → Read More: Anecdote vs. Data

The Women Workers of Pittsburgh

Not surprisingly I caught the headline in the PG looking at some national numbers on the labor force: Women lost more jobs in economic recovery.

What was that “except in Pittsburgh” thing?

Some years ago we looked as comprehensively as we could at the impact of gender in the history of Pittsburgh’s labor . . . → Read More: The Women Workers of Pittsburgh

Human Capital, Labor Market and Economic Growth

The OECD recently published the international comparison of the gap in employment rates between university graduates and workers with secondary education or less (link). There is no single exception to the fact that the employment rate is the highest in the group of individuals with college and university degree. Nonetheless, the comparison of the . . . → Read More: Human Capital, Labor Market and Economic Growth

Interesting Readings for June 3, 2010

C. Raja Mohan in The American Interest on India’s strategic directions.

A Reuters report on how Pakistanis are responding to the global backlash against Pakistan.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal, Matt Ridley has some great insights into economic development.

M. K. Venu on corruption in Indian telecom.

Sanjeev Sanyal in the Business Standard . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for June 3, 2010