The butterfly and the tulip

If you doubt the world is flat, there is now clearly a direct link between the economic Ch’i of both Canonsburg and Rajasthan:

Wall Street Journal this morning: For Guar Gum, a Bubble Goes Pop

Followed up this evening on Marketplace: How fracking affects a bean grown in India

Energy Technologies with a Competitive Edge: James McIlree

Anyone who’s ever endured a 20-minute blackout knows how important non-stop energy is to a modern economy. Nonetheless, the U.S. energy grid is deteriorating, says Analyst James McIlree of Dominick & Dominick. The bright side is that companies are stepping up to make sure that hospitals, phone service providers and similarly energy-reliant businesses . . . → Read More: Energy Technologies with a Competitive Edge: James McIlree

Shale Shrugged

AP is running a look at the history of fracking and all of that: Decades of federal dollars helped fuel gas boom

But what I think the story misses, and pointed out here in the past, is the long history of Federal research into that which is known as fracturing including the attempts to . . . → Read More: Shale Shrugged

Cutting-Edge Technologies Will ‘Green’ Fracking: Keith Schaefer

Fracking in the U.S. is here to stay, affirms Keith Schaefer, editor of the Oil & Gas Investments Bulletin. North American business is dependent on cheap energy, and even energy utilities are switching from coal to natural gas. Although environmental concerns remain, the industry has incentive to do the right thing, says Schaefer. . . . → Read More: Cutting-Edge Technologies Will ‘Green’ Fracking: Keith Schaefer

UFC: NatGas vs. the Neutron

Because of the NYTimes article last week there is heightened new interest across Pennsylvania over radiation in the fracking water being used in Marcellus Shale development.  Just saying that we mentioned the whole radiation in shale issue here just over a year ago. So clearly some folks are not surprised by this.  So why is . . . → Read More: NatGas vs. the Neutron