Richard Kelertas: Potash Demand High Through 2013

The Williston Basin is a hot area of exploration and production that oil and gas analyst Jason Wangler follows from his SunTrust Robinson Humphrey office in Houston. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, he shares his thoughts on the near-term prospects for oil and gas demand and prices, and tells us . . . → Read More: Jason Wangler: Williston Basin Stocks are Hot

Bob Moriarty: Peak Oil Passed

Self-professed contrarian and 321Energy Founder Bob Moriarty expects energy and food prices to follow oil on an upward trajectory, fueling more and more turmoil, unrest and violence around the planet, including the Western world. Read on for more insights in this exclusive interview with The Energy Report.

The Energy Report: The markets . . . → Read More: Bob Moriarty: Peak Oil Passed

Mickey Fulp: Can Gold Prospectors Cushion Volatility?

Mercenary Geologist Mickey Fulp has adopted a new prospector-generator model portfolio with an emphasis on good people. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, he outlines the impact global volatility could have on junior mining companies.

Companies Mentioned: Almaden Minerals Ltd. Antofagasta PLC Avrupa Minerals Brazil Resources, Inc. Estrella Gold Corp. Eurasian . . . → Read More: Mickey Fulp: Can Gold Prospectors Cushion Volatility?

Looking around the corner for inflation

As of February 2011, the Consumer Price Index has gone up 2.1 percent in the preceding 12 months. Core inflation (All items excluding Food and Energy) went up just 1.1%. Inflation is certainly not beating at the door. On the other hand, global food commodity prices have been rising suddenly as have oil prices. . . . → Read More: Looking Around the Corner for Inflation

Learning About Inflation From a Box of Eggs

Milan Kumar Biswas, General Manager of Keggfarms Pvt. Ltd. knows something about inflation. In a note addressed to his customers, stuffed in a box of eggs, he announced an increase in the unit price of his eggs.

P = (1+markup) MC. To justify the change in P, of course not due to his . . . → Read More: Learning About Inflation From a Box of Eggs

An Upsurge in Inflation?

There is a lot of concern about inflation. Most of it is based on perusing the following numbers of the year-on-year changes in price indexes:

Jul Aug Sep Oct CPI (IW) 11.9 11.7 11.6 11.5 WPI -0.7 -0.2 0.5 1.3 WPI Food 13.3 14.0 15.7 13.4 WPI fruits,vegs 15.5 12.0 24.6 11.1

True inflation . . . → Read More: An Upsurge in Inflation?

Minimum Wage and Obesity

David O. Meltzer and Zhuo Chen explored the relationship between minimum wage rate in the U.S and body weight (link):

“Growing consumption of increasingly less expensive food, and especially “fast food”, has been cited as a potential cause of increasing rate of obesity in the United States over the past several decades. Because the . . . → Read More: Minimum Wage and Obesity

Implications of a Bad Monsoon for Monetary Policy

The progress of the 2009 monsoon seems to be 29% below normal. This may be adversely affecting food prices. In the latest available data, inflation based on CPI-IW has surged back to values near 10%. (This is the three-month moving average of the rate of change of seasonally adjusted CPI-IW).

Ila Patnaik has an . . . → Read More: Implications of a Bad Monsoon for Monetary Policy