Congratulations, Environmentalists

It looks oil price trends don’t bode well for the future of air travel:

Emirates, the biggest airline by international traffic, said more carriers will go bust this year as fuel costs and sluggish economies undermine profitability.

“We can reel off a whole load of airlines that are teetering on the brink or are . . . → Read More: Congratulations, Environmentalists

The Market and Efficiency

Mark Thornton shares a story:

Remarkably, the cost of air conditioning plummeted over the decades. The cost of air conditioning units declined, and they became increasingly reliable, safe, and efficient in turning electricity into relief from heat and humidity.

That is until recently. Twenty years ago I had an air-conditioning system (i.e., heat pump, . . . → Read More: The Market and Efficiency

Where are People Most Satisfied With Efforts to Preserve the Environment?

This question arose as I was thinking about the relationship between the determinants of happiness (i.e. survey measures of subjective well-being or SWB) and human flourishing at a national level.

Recent research has been able to explain around 90% of inter-country differences in average SWB in terms of average income levels, enough money for . . . → Read More: Where are People Most Satisfied With Efforts to Preserve the Environment?

What Makes a Planet Happy?

I find it hard to take seriously the concept of a happy planet. Is Earth happier than Mars? How would we know? It seems to me that only sentient beings can be happy, but that might just reflect the limited perspective of a sentient being. For all I know a rock might have a . . . → Read More: What Makes a Planet Happy?