Important work by cobrapost that illuminates high-powered incentives

The investigative journalism by cobrapost, their videos, and Monika Halan in Mint add up to an important story. Most of us have enormous respect for the achievements of Axis Bank, HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank. But as Monika emphasises, there are also genuine problems there. We saw it first with the hard-driving mis-selling . . . → Read More: Important work by cobrapost that illuminates high-powered incentives

Economic Development in Paris

The Paris Region Economic Development Agency (PREDA) has been promoting economic growth and entreprenurship in the capital of France for over a decade by helping to create and retain jobs in the Paris region, making the area more attractive to businesses, and helping businesses adjust to a constantly changing economic environment.  Their . . . → Read More: Economic Development in Paris

Whence Regulation?

Ever heard of Dwolla?

Dwolla was founded by 28-year-old Ben Milne; it’s an innovative online payment system that sidesteps credit cards completely.

Milne has no finance background, yet his little operation is moving between $30 and $50 million per month; it’s on track to move more than $350 million in the next year.

Unlike . . . → Read More: Whence Regulation?

Entrepreneurs and Democracy

This column in the March 7, 2011 edition of The New Yorker has an interesting perspective on economic development – particularly in the Middle East. In the language of my University Seminar class, here’s the claim presented by James Surowiecki

The autocracies of the Arab world have been as economically destructive as they’ve been . . . → Read More: Entrepreneurs and Democracy

Pittsburgh Past. Pittsburgh Future?

Required reading in itself is Harvard’s Ed Glaeser latest in City Journal: Start-Up City Entrepreneurs are the heroes of New York’s past and the key to its future.

What I caught first was the reference to former Pitt Economist, the late Ben Chinitz, and his thoughts direct from his seminal work. Contrasts in Agglomeration: New York . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh Past. Pittsburgh Future?

Delta Airlines Sucks And Teaches Scottevest Some Austrian Economics

What is absolutely required during an interaction with Customs? … Like muscles as you flex your rights they become stronger; so use them or lose them.

This article is mainly just some very helpful hints with some slight economic analysis. Being an entrepreneur who enjoys creating wealth and building from scratch I . . . → Read More: Delta Airlines Sucks And Teaches Scottevest Some Austrian Economics

The Mind Conspirators

Worthwhile read for libertarians – The Mind Conspirators by Nelson Hultberg. A quote:

Philosophical fallacies and socialist falsifications of economics and history have gained sway in the school system to poison our citizens’ minds against the American concept of freedom. Such fallacies have created a grossly distorted image for the man in the . . . → Read More: The Mind Conspirators

Quibble, I Shall

Quoth Thomas Frank in The Wall Street Journal last week:

This was once a familiar line of criticism: Big business’s sin was that it wasn’t entrepreneurial enough. If given the opportunity, business would use government to form cartels and suppress competition. Free markets must thus be protected from the grasp of the corporate monster. . . . → Read More: Quibble, I Shall