Emotions, Premiums and Backwardation

Good interview between Jeff Lewis (silver-coin-investor.com) and Grant Williams (vulpesinvest.com). Grant makes a very good point on emotions influencing how events are interpreted (my emphasis):

” It’s important to try and keep a sense of balance because the way things trade, particularly in silver, it’s easy to get fixated upon an idea and to . . . → Read More: Emotions, Premiums and Backwardation

When Ignorance is Bliss

The proper version of “ignorance is bliss” is actually “WHEN ignorance is bliss,” and it should be followed by “’tis folly to be wise.” That’s the short version of public choice economics, which points out that your vote counts for very little, and consequently justifies very little investment in making a quality vote. They . . . → Read More: When Ignorance is Bliss