Canadian Oil Explorers Pump Profits Abroad: Frederick Kozak

Smaller Canadian-based companies are exploring and producing in countries all over the globe, in areas that may present even greater returns in the coming years. Frederick Kozak, oil and gas research analyst at Canaccord Genuity, draws on nearly 30 years of experience in the field to focus on investment opportunities in locations ranging . . . → Read More: Canadian Oil Explorers Pump Profits Abroad: Frederick Kozak

Jittery regimes fix prices

The puzzle

All of us are now curiously thinking about the abrupt phase transition that seems to sometimes occur in the endgame of an authoritarian regime. The traditional script was: The people rise up to rebel and the strongman murders them.

When the USSR collapsed, we thought it was special: it was a . . . → Read More: Jittery Regimes Fix Prices

Interesting readings

My collection of links on the transition at SEBI from C. B. Bhave to U. K. Sinha.

How India’s banks killed the future of commerce on the Cleartrip blog.

The defining problem of the Indian State is the tension between spending on program that benefit the few (e.g. the typical UPA welfare . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for February 21, 2011