Vijay Kelkar

Financial Express recently did a special feature about 20 interesting people in India’s economic reforms. In that, I wrote this profile of Vijay Kelkar.

Vijay Kelkar’s is a fascinating story in Indian public policy. He started out as an economics Ph.D. and turned himself into a consummate policymaker. While he did many interesting things . . . → Read More: Vijay Kelkar

Interesting readings

The Anna Hazare silliness is depressing. Writing in the Indian Express, Shekhar Gupta has an interesting angle on why there is so much interest in this snake oil.

India’s $2 trillion economy means we have to reform faster by R. Jagannathan on FirstPost.

Meera Subramanian has a beautiful story about how Diclofenac, fed . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for August 23, 2011

How should the history of the industrial revolution influence economic reforms?

While recently reading Deirdre McCloskey’s ‘Bourgeois Dignity’, Joel Mokyr’s ‘The Enlightened Economy’ and Eric Jones, ‘Locating the Industrial Revolution’ (discussed previously here, here and here) I was pleased to find that these authors have been able to make a strong case that the industrial revolution can be best explained by modern economic growth theory . . . → Read More: How Should the History of the Industrial Revolution Influence Economic Reforms?

Lessons from Chile

Hernan Buchi, former minister of finance in Chile, recently published a new book called “The Economic Transformation of Chile” (link) where he outlined comprehensive economic reforms that boosted economic growth, lowered unemployment, reduced poverty and set the stage for more than two decades of robust growth and an economic turnaround which has been unprecedented . . . → Read More: Lessons from Chile