The new metro gazelles?

So if you want to see the gloomiest picture of Downtown used in an upbeat story see today’s headine.

Reuters: Only three major U.S. cities see economic recovery: study

What 3 you have to ask?  Lots of ink on this one from all over, but nary a mention locally? Even reverb over the pond of . . . → Read More: The new metro gazelles?

It Takes One to Know One

Some hack calls out FoxNews for lying about unemployment:

During a segment criticizing the Obama administration for its messaging on the economy, a Fox & Friends graphic claimed that the “real unemployment rate” had increased from 7.8% in 2009 to 14.7% now.

But in order to make the claim that unemployment had increased . . . → Read More: It Takes One to Know One

In Praise of Food

So many have asked what I think on it all… and I had a really really long rant-like comment on the news coverage of the buzz over a new restaurant being planned for Braddock… but even I am getting tired of my rants. So we will try and keep it short…..

I honestly say . . . → Read More: In Praise of Food

Rick Rule: Play Metals Stock Volatility to Win

In March of 2011, Global Resource Investments Founder and Chairman Rick Rule predicted a time of unprecedented volatility. As investors struggle to recover from what, indeed, turned out to be one of the most up-and-down months in history, this special Gold Report from his latest web broadcast outlines his secrets for using volatility . . . → Read More: Rick Rule: Play Metals Stock Volatility to Win

Since you asked…

This is a time of the year when I meet new people or get reacquainted with old friends, and once we run out of the usual “status update” conversation, someone often asks about the economy and the current crisis about the debt ceiling. I’m going to break a self-imposed guideline for this blog, and . . . → Read More: Since you asked…

Ron Paul supports clean energy

The key to an economic recovery does not rest in Washington. The key to an economic recovery is to put Washington through a recession. Any efforts by politicians to con you into believing they’re stimulating some kind of economic progress – again, bribing you with your own money – by promoting one form of . . . → Read More: Ron Paul supports clean energy

John Kaiser: $1,200 Gold is New Normal

What is good for the U.S. economy is good for gold. John Kaiser, editor of Kaiser Research Online, has proposed a graphic model that relates the value of all above-ground gold stock to global Gross Domestic Product (GDP), thereby explaining why higher real gold prices—even with a recovering American economy—will be the new . . . → Read More: John Kaiser: $1,200 Gold is New Normal

Ripping the Guts out of Recovery

The U.S. has a temporary reprieve on the debt ceiling limit – tax revenues have come in higher than expected in the early part of the year, reducing the needed pace of borrowing by the U.S. government. While this has pushed the deadline for Congressional action back by a month or more, the . . . → Read More: Ripping the Guts out of Recovery

Must..... include...... Pittsburgh... and that darn transfer tax

The website has yet another list of cities unaffected by a bad economy and yup Pittsburgh must be on it.  Some interesting semantics in it. I  suspect they wanted to title that cities unaffected by recession, but the recession itself has been officially over for some time. We are going to make it to the . . . → Read More: Must Include Pittsburgh… and That Darn Transfer Tax

John Williams: Hyperinflation and Double-Dip Recession Ahead

Economic recovery? What economic recovery? Contrary to popular media reports, government economic reporting specialist and ShadowStats Editor John Williams reads between the government-economic-data lines. “The U.S. is really in the worst condition of any major economy or country in the world,” he says. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, John concludes . . . → Read More: John Williams: Hyperinflation and Double-Dip Recession Ahead