Indirect Revenue

I’ve been writing quite a bit recently on indirect taxation, and I thought that I would take a minute to look at things from the opposite side of the fence as it were. First, some context for my thoughts:

The state of Connecticut passed a new Internet tax law and contends that Amazon had . . . → Read More: Indirect Revenue

eBay: The Giant Marketplace

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Holiday Retail: “Very Good Signs”

Retail executives were holding their breath on Friday, looking for indications that the recent recovery would extend into the holiday shopping season. Macy’s CEO Terry Lundgren went on the record with the Wall Street Journal Saturday to assert that early indications of both traffic and sales are pointing to “very good signs” for the . . . → Read More: Holiday Retail: “Very Good Signs”

The Economy of Cyberspace

U.S. retail Internet sales are expected to reach $146 billion in 2008, a 14.3% rise from 2007—and yes, that reckoning takes into account the economic downturn, which has actually boosted online sales because of high gas prices and reduced driving. While U.S. retail sales rose by 2.8% between the first quarter of 2007 and . . . → Read More: The Economy of Cyberspace