I Wonder If They’re Yellow

Drugs are apparently being imported into the US by submarines:

Although they captured 129 tons of cocaine on its way to the U.S. last year, the Coast Guard thinks that close to 500 tons could now be making it through. “My staff watches multi-ton loads go by,” Rear Adm. Charles D. Michel told The . . . → Read More: I Wonder If They’re Yellow

Headbook: Medical Marijuana Comes Out of the Gray

It seems like cannabis is always on the leading (and sometimes bleeding) edge of social evolution, which is why I find it interesting — as a market anarchist, I often see cannabis trends as indicative of the whole “building the new society in the shell of the old” approach.

Just in the last 15 . . . → Read More: Headbook: Medical Marijuana Comes Out of the Gray

Mandated Heath Market Inefficiencies

Karl Denninger:

We cannot permit America to be the “pay line” for every worldwide drug and device development program. The same pill sold here in America for $25 is $2 in Canada and other nations.  The cost of reproduction is covered by the $2, but development is not.  The free market would normally prohibit . . . → Read More: Mandated Heath Market Inefficiencies

A Broken Market

The pharmaceutical giant, Pfizer, watched its main source of revenue and profits, Lipitor, lose its patent protection this week, and now faces competition from generic equivalents. In 2010 Lipitor was the second highest selling prescription drug with $5.2 billion in sales in the U.S. alone. (source: Drugs.com). Now, in the next year, prices of . . . → Read More: A Broken Market

Drug Price and Violence


The other side of all this, which I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention, is that lower costs mean that addicts find it easier to pay for their habit. They’re less likely to resort to theft and mugging, and so on. It’s also noteworthy that crack probably only emerged as a way to get . . . → Read More: Drug Price and Violence

Legal vs. Illegal Prostitution

Okay, this kinda of crap makes me angry, just angry. Go read the article. Do you see what’s wrong with it? I see no distinction between legal prostitution and illegal prostitution. Now let’s look at the difference between legal and illegal drugs. The first you can buy in any store (everybody sells aspirin), in . . . → Read More: Legal vs. Illegal Prostitution

Can Identity Economics Help Us to Understand Teenage Drug Use?

This post continues the discussion in some previous posts about understanding teenage drug use. In the first post Ruth, a nurse who has worked in psych wards and prisons, illustrated the nature of the problem by telling the sad story of a man who has been suffering from drug induced psychosis (DIP) over a . . . → Read More: Can Identity Economics Help Us to Understand Teenage Drug Use?