The real article worth reading in the PG

So yes, you may think I would most want to self reference this piece in the PG:  For Pittsburgh a future not reliant on steel was unthinkable … and unavoidable

But no, the more important thing to read is on the “Next Page” and the idea of bringing rapid transit to Cranberry. See: Go North. Light Rail. . . . → Read More: The real article worth reading in the PG

Doug Casey: Uranium, Rich People's Food Hold Value

Worldwide hysteria and the fear factor notwithstanding, Casey Research Chairman Doug Casey still considers nuclear power “by far the safest, cheapest and cleanest form of mass power generation.” Sharing his views in this Energy Report exclusive on the eve of a sold-out Casey Research Summit in Boca Raton, Florida, . . . → Read More: Doug Casey: Uranium, Rich People’s Food Hold Value