Rust Belt Redux

So BLS is reporting that the Pittsburgh regions seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 7.4% in September, from 7.3% in August.  It is a curious artifact of the new seasonal adjustment in that the seasonally unadjusted rate for the region was 6.7% in September of 2011, AND September of 2012.

I thought to . . . → Read More: Rust Belt Redux

Detroit Rhapsody

Many readers here know of the debate and dialogue over Chrysler’s long and expensive Super Bowl ad highlighting the auto industry and Detroit.

As cool as the Detroit version is to watch, when it comes to the core message it is trying to send, I just don’t see much different between these two industry . . . → Read More: Detroit Rhapsody

"Modern-day version of Pittsburgh"

Neither hagiography nor its opposite, but note the opening sentence of this story: Low education levels holding Nevada’s economy back, official says. goes like this:

Nevada’s higher education levels are holding the region back from diversifying its economy and the city has become a modern-day version of Pittsburgh or Detroit, which once relied on one . . . → Read More: Modern-day version of Pittsburgh

Beware the Dotted Line

Really really wanted to end the year on a positive, maybe we will start the new year with something less negative. Anyway.. Trib follows up on the story of the Detroit pension system’s losing bet on our casino: Casino’s Struggles Felt in Detroit.

Here is the thing.  the story that came from sounds horrible. Risky . . . → Read More: Beware the Dotted Line

Risk and Pensions

Ha.   you thought this was going to be about the doings downtown today.  Not quite, but everything is related somehow.

Can’t believe I missed this.  From the Detroit Free Press:  Risky bets cost Detroit pension funds $480 million.   and check out their side story: Where the Detroit pension funds went wrong. Note the picture . . . → Read More: Risk and Pensions