How to Make Money in a 'Fugly' Stock Market: Bob Moriarty

Despite the “fugly” future that Bob Moriarty, founder of, talks about in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, he’s downright bullish on the U.S. dollar for the time being. He says it’s not only a safe haven but “the best investment to be in for the last six months.” As for . . . → Read More: How to Make Money in a ‘Fugly’ Stock Market: Bob Moriarty


Freakonomics asked if forgiving student loans en masse was a good idea. Here was their conclusion:

1. Distribution: If we are going to give money away, why on earth would we give it to college grads? This is the one group who we know typically have high incomes, and who have enjoyed income growth . . . → Read More: Jubilee?

The Sprotts: Silver Poised for Power Rally

Opportunities abound in small- and mid-cap silver companies, according to Sprott Inc. Chairman Eric Sprott. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, Eric Sprott and Sprott Money Ltd. President Larisa Sprott say the fundamentals that drive the price of silver are as strong now as before the spring selloff—maybe even stronger—even though . . . → Read More: The Sprotts: Silver Poised for Power Rally

A Day in the Life (of a Slave)

Here’s a story for you:

Kenneth Wright of Stockton, California was almost knocked down by a S.W.A.T. team breaking down his door one morning. He says they then handcuffed him and put him in the back of a police car.

Federal agents confirmed that the Department of Education was behind the raid on . . . → Read More: A Day in the Life (of a Slave)

The Great Unravelling (Dubai Edition)

Although I certainly would not rank it alongside Macro Man’s dreaded vacation indicator or the incipient increase in the USD if and when the Economist finally decides to slot its decline on the front page, I still have the nagging feeling that whenever yours truly sit down at either a dull and difficult econometrics . . . → Read More: The Great Unravelling (Dubai Edition)

Why are T-Bills so popular

One of the puzzling aspects of the current economy is the soaring demand for US treasury bonds. On the face of it, T-Bills seem like a pretty terrible investment. The yields are low and given the massive government and current account deficits being run by the United States, it is highly likely that the . . . → Read More: Why are T-Bills so popular

Armenian Currency Goes Poof

On 3 March 2009 in the space of a few hours the Armenian dram evaporated from about 300 per dollar to about 400 per dollar and 275,000 drams per ounce of gold to approximately 365,000 drams per ounce of gold.  This rapid 30% currency poofing is like when the Kazakhstan currency went poof but without . . . → Read More: Armenian Currency Goes Poof