The Sad State of Mainstream Economic Analysis

I have a new post up at In Mala Fide. An excerpt:

To be honest, this sounds like a lot of pious baloney. As Michael Beckley points out in a new article in International Security, “The United States is not in decline; in fact, it is now wealthier, more innovative, and more militarily powerful . . . → Read More: The Sad State of Mainstream Economic Analysis

Decline Denial Duquesne

In the 1980’s it was Homestead that staked out the emotional heart of the Rust Belt miasma.  Outside of Detroit in recent years Braddock has cornered the PR market for as Jim R. would put it: “Rust Belt Porn”.   Yet then and now the city of Duquesne has declined as much and suffered as much, . . . → Read More: Decline Denial Duquesne