Interesting Readings for October 11, 2010

C. J. Chivers has a story in the New York Times from Uzbekistan which links up to an idea that I have often thought would be a great step forward for India: the interior of every police station in the country should be blanketed with video cameras giving feeds out to the Net. . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for October 11, 2010

China’s Growth Model

According to some preliminary estimates (link), China’s trade balance is on the course for a significant surplus this year. IMF’s annual forecast of current account balance predicted China’s trade surplus at $334 billion in 2010 or roughly 6.2 percent of China’s GDP. The IMF’s medium-term forecast suggests a growing trade surplus by 2015 when . . . → Read More: China’s Growth Model

The Global Economy – Old Maids Who Won’t Play Anymore

The financial and economic discourse is a funny beast really; it can, if harnessed properly, shed light on future investor and market performance, it can give a diversified and detailed picture of any given economic or financial topic, and it is a place where stories, no matter how counterintuitive and misplaced, can linger . . . → Read More: The Global Economy – Old Maids Who Won’t Play Anymore

Renminbi Appreciation

Barry Eichengreen wrote a thorough defence of China’s exchange rate policy response to the global demands for letting the Renminbi appreciate and thus stimulate the reduction of US trade deficit.

US Treasury Department recently launched a series of initiatives which labeled China as a currency manipulator and a true source of America’s widening trade . . . → Read More: Renminbi Appreciation

Predictable Gold Upleg Starts A Little Late

The exciting news from the CFTC gold and silver hearings seem to have coinincided with the predictable gold move. The past six months have had tremendous events and it appears black swans are flying in flocks. Now the gold price appears poised to reach my earlier predictions but this may not be easily played . . . → Read More: Predictable Gold Upleg Starts A Little Late