The Bogey of Exports Growth

There is a lot of talk about rupee appreciation in recent weeks. It is claimed that rupee appreciation is bad for exports growth and that RBI must trade in the rupee-dollar market so as to force the exchange rate back to (say) Rs.50 a dollar. I wrote a piece in Financial Express yesterday, about . . . → Read More: The Bogey of Exports Growth

Questions for Monetary Policy

The recent rupee appreciation, followed by rumours of RBI appreciation, has set off fears that we’re in for a repeat of the sad episode of monetary policy 2006/2007 all over again.

Writing in the Business Standard, Shankar Acharya repeats the advice that he gave RBI in 2006 and 2007. But new perspectives are now . . . → Read More: Questions for Monetary Policy

The Burden of Rebalancing

Nothing good lasts forever, or so at least many would have us believe. I shall neatly leave it aside of whether this is true in a general sense but merely note that it appears that we are moving closer to some form of another of crunch here. And my rationale you ask? Well, let . . . → Read More: The Burden of Rebalancing