Inflation: Just Another Form of Government Theft

Karl Denninger explains inflation in rather graphic terms:

Let’s assume a 2% productivity increase per year over 30 years. Let’s also assume a 2% inflation rate over 30 years. This is what it looks like, starting with a baseline of “10,000.”

Your cost of living has gone up by 78% in notional dollar terms . . . → Read More: Inflation: Just Another Form of Government Theft

Boomer Hypocrisy

More from Ferd’s post on OWSyracuse:

Or maybe you’ll claim that you had it rough and we’re just a bunch of whiners. “Back when I was your age, I worked five jobs to get through college and I turned out fine!” But I’ll bet you didn’t have to deal with illegal Mexicans competing with . . . → Read More: Boomer Hypocrisy

This Isn’t Promising

From the WSJ:

In 2009, households headed by adults ages 65 and older possessed 42% more median net worth (assets minus debt) than households headed by their same-aged counterparts had in 1984. During this same period, the wealth of households headed by younger adults moved in the opposite direction. In 2009, households headed by . . . → Read More: This Isn’t Promising