Behind Curtain Number 2...

Sometimes it is worth looking back at old posts. Actually a reader reminded me recently that there still are ‘deals’ being shopped to consumers for locking in long term natural gas prices.   Reminds me that a year and a half ago I posted this letter I received myself.

Was it a good deal?  Even . . . → Read More: Behind Curtain Number 2…

“Dark Ages Misogyny”… Really?

What’s got Charles Johnson (the wrong-headed Charles Johnson of Little Green Footballs, not the right-headed anarchist Rad Geek) so worked up?

Now the GOP Wants to Permit Any Employer to Deny Contraception Coverage

What’s all this “permit” and “deny” stuff?

An employer doesn’t (or at least shouldn’t) have to offer health insurance as a job . . . → Read More: “Dark Ages Misogyny”… Really?

Two Quick Questions for IP Defenders

AV Club has some exciting news:

In the rare story that ends with George Lucas not getting money, George Lucas has lost a copyright case before the British Supreme Court in which he sought to stop his former Star Wars prop designer Andrew Ainsworth, who came up with the original iconic Stormtrooper helmets, from . . . → Read More: Two Quick Questions for IP Defenders

Five Weeks Of Silver Backwardation


During an interview with Contrary Investors Cafe on 24 February 2009 I discussed both gold backwardation and silver backwardation.  After the interview I was asked why more commentators are not discussing this issue.  I do not know.

Regarding money there are two competing views: (1) money is determined by the market or (2) chartalism which . . . → Read More: Five Weeks Of Silver Backwardation