GoldMoney is no longer Gold Money

Digital Gold Currency Magazine is reporting that GoldMoney is suspending the ability to make and receive payments in precious metals to or from other GoldMoney customers due to the “global increase of compliance requirements for payment service providers.”

This capability was the key differentiator of GoldMoney to other online precious metal storage businesses. It . . . → Read More: GoldMoney is no longer Gold Money

This Isn’t Promising

From the WSJ:

In 2009, households headed by adults ages 65 and older possessed 42% more median net worth (assets minus debt) than households headed by their same-aged counterparts had in 1984. During this same period, the wealth of households headed by younger adults moved in the opposite direction. In 2009, households headed by . . . → Read More: This Isn’t Promising

Hidden Taxes

Douglas French on Chesapeake Bay Candle Co.:

The U.S. plant will employ 100 people, and more than a year ago the company bought a former liquor warehouse outside of Baltimore, thinking they would be open in nine months. But it’s 13 months and counting. Xu and Wang have already spent $1 million more than . . . → Read More: Hidden Taxes