Rust Belt Redux

So BLS is reporting that the Pittsburgh regions seasonally adjusted unemployment rate ticked up to 7.4% in September, from 7.3% in August.  It is a curious artifact of the new seasonal adjustment in that the seasonally unadjusted rate for the region was 6.7% in September of 2011, AND September of 2012.

I thought to . . . → Read More: Rust Belt Redux

I need a Spanish translation for ‘Cleveburgh’

Cleveland Plain Dealer today:  Cleveland will declare ‘Bienvenidos’ and try to catch the Hispanic wave

Sort of a Cleveland version of what we read locally recently: PG: Pittsburgh Promise aims to lure Hispanics with financial aid except with more data.  Note the Cleveland PD’s benchmarking of local Hispanic populations. This isn’t a Steeler Nation . . . → Read More: I need a Spanish translation for ‘Cleveburgh’

Why regionalism need not be so hard - Cleveburgh Version

So here in town the topic of ‘Regionalism’ always breaks down quickly into to two irreconcilable camps.  Those who think our hyper fragmented local government in Allegheny (one of the most fragmented in the nation by the way, if not the most fragmented in the world) is costly and inefficient and those who perceive the . . . → Read More: Why regionalism need not be so hard – Cleveburgh Version

The company we keep

So here is one way to parse some of the labor force data that came out earlier in the week for the region.  While not the top, all I will say is that if this type of benchmarking was done going back in history, for an awfully long time I would bet we placed . . . → Read More: The company we keep

Cleveburgh Steel

Remember when the steel industry rated local news?

The 24 hour news cycle can be brutal.  Just beyond greater Pittsburgh, but near the center mass of Cleveburgh is Trumbull County, Ohio… home to Warren, Ohio and part of the Mahoning Valley were these two stories recently:

24 hours ago the headline was:  Valley employment . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh Steel

Cleveburgh Casino Concerns

Big day Monday up at the other end of Cleveburgh.  Some day someone is going to have lots of fodder for a paper on the spatial patterns of local casino markets.  What do I mean? Up in Detroit the headlines are all about how: Ohio’s new casinos could cost cash-strapped Detroit $30 million a year, . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh Casino Concerns

Catching up on a week in numbers

I was told my blog here needs more white space.  I am not sure this post will be an improvement, but here are some random hits from numbers talked about over the last week and a half.

So if I were Allegheny County and I were doing my due diligence defending itself in almost any . . . → Read More: Catching up on a week in numbers

Cleveburgh Watch: A Tale of Two Banks

So to admit upfront, this is all parasitic on some neat reporting from Bloomberg out on the Analytic Journalism frontier.  They have acquired and made available to the public (which means they want us to use it right?) data as they describe “Once secret ” from the Federal Reserve on its lending to major . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh Watch: A Tale of Two Banks

The Anti-Cleveburgh metric: Foreclosures

Awfully similar to the graphic I pointed out years ago in The Atlantic magazine… here is recent work by the Cleveland Fed with a map of foreclosure incidence by county (source).   Still a remarkable graphic in that you rarely see such state level geography show up so starkly.

If you really parse it. it is . . . → Read More: The Anti-Cleveburgh metric: Foreclosures

Cleveburgh on Cleveburgh

Cleveburgh redux in the Cleveland Plain Dealer on Sunday… and check out their enhancement of my graphic.  Cool.

PD is not new to the topic and from over a couple years ago was this:  Pittsburgh’s renaissance holds lesson for Cleveland.  It is worth noting that that story was out a half year before the . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh on Cleveburgh