Bets, bets and more bets

So most skipped over the story of how Neil Bluhm may be buying out the remnant of the late Don Barden’s ownership group down at the Rivers Casino.

Don Barden had a diverse mix of equity ownership, but it was still highly leveraged and in the end the collapse of some Lehman Brothers financing . . . → Read More: Bets, bets and more bets

Cleveburgh Casino Concerns

Big day Monday up at the other end of Cleveburgh.  Some day someone is going to have lots of fodder for a paper on the spatial patterns of local casino markets.  What do I mean? Up in Detroit the headlines are all about how: Ohio’s new casinos could cost cash-strapped Detroit $30 million a year, . . . → Read More: Cleveburgh Casino Concerns

There are bad investments and there are bad investments

One of the owners of the Rivers Casino says the business is a terrible investment. Just terrible.  In context you can’t ignore that the statement is made as part of litigation to lower the property’s assessed value for tax purposes.

So here is the deal.  Maybe he is right, maybe he isn’t.  The Rivers . . . → Read More: There are bad investments and there are bad investments

Surely a Sure Bet

Maybe I misunderstood, but I sure thought the message when they were changing the law was that table games were going to change everything.  Looking at the data thus far, granted it’s a little early, I’m not seeing it.  Is that a peak already…. or an aberration?

Monthly Table Games Total Gross Revenues by . . . → Read More: Surely a Sure Bet