China’s Currency Holdings

Chinese Yuan and U.S. Dollars

The Wall Street Journal reports that China is decreasing its holdings of  U.S. dollars

Fresh data suggest China is moderating its appetite for investing in U.S. securities, a trend that could mean lower flows of cheap capital from Beijing and a possible rise in borrowing costs across the American . . . → Read More: China’s Currency Holdings


The most important decision an investor can make is what to use as the numeraire. But few investors even know what a numeraire is let alone have put deliberate thought into choosing their numeraire.  With advances in technology using a reliable numeraire is easier than ever.


Investing is the process of allocating . . . → Read More: Numeraire

Demographics and Business Cycle Volatility

This one should really go on Beta.Sources, but I thought that it deserved attention over and above the fold too. It is a couple of years old, but still well worth a look; hat tip (an old BW blog post).

We investigate the consequences of demographic change for business cycle analysis. We find that . . . → Read More: Demographics and Business Cycle Volatility