Macroeconomics: A reading list

Economics is a rich and fascinating subject. But all too often, the teaching process forces young people in the field to look at the tail of the elephant, to think about macroeconomics as the game of solving dynamic models. There is actually much more going on. (On a related note, you might like to . . . → Read More: Macroeconomics: A reading list

Business cycle conditions in India: It's mostly cycle, not trend

There is a lot of gloom in India today about the broad-based failure of the UPA strategy of combining left-of-centre populism, fiscal profligacy, theft, and a lack of interest in the foundations of India’s growth. We learn from history that we learn nothing from history; India has clearly learned very little from its escape . . . → Read More: Business cycle conditions in India: It’s mostly cycle, not trend

Skyscrapers And Business Cycles

While correlation isn’t causation, and tall buildings certainly don’t cause economic downturns, the Skyscraper Index is quite interesting and can help to shed some light on the workings of business cycles. . . . → Read More: Skyscrapers And Business Cycles