In Praise of Food

So many have asked what I think on it all… and I had a really really long rant-like comment on the news coverage of the buzz over a new restaurant being planned for Braddock… but even I am getting tired of my rants. So we will try and keep it short…..

I honestly say . . . → Read More: In Praise of Food

The Blame Game: Braddock

National Journal online has a focus on the failure that is Braddock. See: The Left-Behinds, subtitled: How three decades of flawed economic thinking have helped to create record numbers of long-term unemployed and undermine America’s middle class.

The whole meme of the piece comes down to this quote:

Braddock’s plight came from the structural decline . . . → Read More: The Blame Game: Braddock

Good Luck With That: Harrisburg Enters Act 47

Lots of news all around on this.  Try either Bond Buyer:   Harrisburg Enters Pennsylvania’s Act 47 Program

or Bloomberg: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Declared ‘Distressed’

Kind of a metaphysical question what defines ‘distress’ for a municipality.  In the census data dump yesterday Braddock, PA is showing a 35% housing vacancy rate. That would be distress and a . . . → Read More: Good Luck With That: Harrisburg Enters Act 47