I Wonder If They’re Yellow

Drugs are apparently being imported into the US by submarines:

Although they captured 129 tons of cocaine on its way to the U.S. last year, the Coast Guard thinks that close to 500 tons could now be making it through. “My staff watches multi-ton loads go by,” Rear Adm. Charles D. Michel told The . . . → Read More: I Wonder If They’re Yellow

Drug Price and Violence


The other side of all this, which I’m surprised the article doesn’t mention, is that lower costs mean that addicts find it easier to pay for their habit. They’re less likely to resort to theft and mugging, and so on. It’s also noteworthy that crack probably only emerged as a way to get . . . → Read More: Drug Price and Violence

Solving the problem of black money in real estate

Manmohan Singh as finance minister killed off smuggling, by eliminating customs duties. Black money in the real estate sector recently attracted his attention. He suggested lowering of stamp duties to check the flow of black money in this sector. But will this solve the problem of black money? And how will the State compensate . . . → Read More: Solving the Problem of Black Money in Real Estate