Yunz are cactus now

So this really is a remarkable bit of labor reporting….

The Wall Street Journal has an in depth look at a Pittsburgher who moved to Australia in August in search of well paying employment.   See: American Fills a Jobs Shortage—in the Aussie Outback – An American’s Coveted Gig: Three-Week Shifts at Mining Port in . . . → Read More: Yunz are cactus now

Another Greedy Capitalist

Her name is Gina Rinehart:

Now, the Australian mining heiress, worth $19 billion and earlier this year thought to be the world’s richest woman, has sparked another controversy in her latest column in Australian Resources and Investment magazine. (Yes, I am a registered reader online.) Rinehart rails against class warfare and says the non-rich . . . → Read More: Another Greedy Capitalist

Down-Under Energy Opportunities: Ivor Ries

Most investors may not have Australian resource companies on their radar screens, but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some great opportunities worth pursuing Down Under. In this exclusive interview with The Energy Report, Ivor Ries, utilities and energy analyst at E.L. & C. Baillieu Stockbroking Ltd., one of Australia’s oldest securities firms, . . . → Read More: Down-Under Energy Opportunities: Ivor Ries

Australian Gold Offers Good Protection: Richard Karn

Richard Karn, managing editor of The Emerging Trends Report, has been in Australia investigating precious and specialty metal projects for over two years. He likes what he sees. In this exclusive Gold Report interview, he reveals that in an environment where the U.S. dollar continues to lose its purchasing power, Australia and its gold . . . → Read More: Australian Gold Offers Good Protection: Richard Karn

Other Alpha Sources

The Epicurean Dealmaker gives some indispensable clothing advice to women in the financial services sector and yes my dear female reader, you will get offended. But deep down you will know it is the truth. The Squid goes long on copper and I must say that I agree with them. I think I . . . → Read More: Other Alpha Sources for June 16, 2011

Has preventative health care become code for paternalism?

‘The Taskforce says that prevention is everyone’s business – and we call on the state, territory and local governments, on non-government and peak organisations, health professionals and practitioners, communities, families and on individuals to contribute towards making Australia the healthiest country by 2020.’ (Extract from ‘Taking Preventative Action’, the federal government’s response to the . . . → Read More: Has preventative health care become code for paternalism?

Australian Housing to Bust, Eventually

This post by Terry McFadgen on Australian housing prices is a good summary of the question of if/when prices will tank. One thing overseas readers should keep in mind is that Australian borrowers can’t walk away from their debt – the bank can foreclose on you and then go after you or bankrupt you . . . → Read More: Australian Housing to Bust, Eventually

Do family benefits provide a welfare pedestal?

The concept of a welfare pedestal has been popularized by Noel Pearson. As a lawyer and passionate advocate for the interests of aboriginal people who live on the Cape York Peninsula of North Queensland, some readers might expect that he would spend his time arguing for more government hand-outs to remedy social problems in aboriginal communities. However, Pearson . . . → Read More: Do Family Benefits Provide a Welfare Pedestal?

Australian Housing Prices

I’ve been following an excellent series of posts on the high cost of Australian housing and land from The Unconventional Economist blog. Worth a look if you are interested in the reasons why this is the case – Leith van Onselen’s puts it down to restrictive government policies on land use. Join the forum . . . → Read More: Australian Housing Prices

Interesting Readings for December 29, 2010

Since most of us in India can talk about little else other than corruption, do read this article by Nauro F. Campos and Ralitza Dimova on voxEU which is an interesting meta-analysis about papers which analyze the impact of corruption on growth. I have long heard about meta-analysis, but this one made me . . . → Read More: Interesting Readings for December 29, 2010