The Slippery Slope “Fallacy”

It appears that the “slippery slope” does indeed exist:

As reported by ABC News, what started out as a program to hold unclaimed property, such as the contents of safety deposit boxes owned by people who have moved away without a forwarding address, has gone wildly out of control. The program is now using . . . → Read More: The Slippery Slope “Fallacy”

Retirement Accounts Could Boost Treasuries

The Federal Government is running massive budget deficits which is creating a massive supply of Treasuries.  But there is no demand and so the Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt.  But these colored coupons merely amount to certificates of confiscation.  Where will Congress find the capital to buy Treasuries?  Most likely, your retirement account and . . . → Read More: Retirement Accounts Could Boost Treasuries

How to Protect Your Privacy and Your Gold

Question from a reader:

“I have been acquiring Perth Mint silver and gold in the depository scheme and am concerned about confiscation issues in the long term. Probably it will not happen, but again given the mindlessness of recent policy decisions there is no reason why the Australian government could not just decide to . . . → Read More: How to Protect Your Privacy and Your Gold

Confiscation of Retirement Assets?

There is a lively discussion under way at the Legal Insurrection blog with a post “The Revolt of the Kulaks Has Begun.” In the comments it is suggested that the administration will come after tax-advantaged savings assets of American retirement savers.

This is dynamite. It is hard to believe the administration would overreach this . . . → Read More: Confiscation of Retirement Assets?