It's Time to Invest in Argentina's Oil and Gas Plays: Bill Newman

Argentina’s nationalist leanings grabbed major headlines earlier this year, but Mackie Research Analyst Bill Newman says the conflict is unlikely to become a repeating trend with the majors and supermajors currently trolling for oil and gas in the country’s Vaca Muerta shales. In fact, Newman expects newer policies to encourage foreign investment in . . . → Read More: It’s Time to Invest in Argentina’s Oil and Gas Plays: Bill Newman

Envisioning future scenarios for India and China

Suppose we go back to 1870 and think of four interesting and promising countries.

Britain was the incumbent, the pioneer of the industrial revolution, home of Newton and Darwin, with a head start on building institutions, with sound economic policy and deep integration with a global empire.

Germany, the rising power of Europe, rapidly . . . → Read More: Envisioning future scenarios for India and China

Don’t Cry For Us, Argentina

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After all, the US government has $12.x trillion in above-board debt of its own, not to mention many more trillions in as-yet-unfunded alleged future liabilities.

Argentina’s government is trying to get back in the borrowing line after a 2002 default. The country’s Supreme Court just said . . . → Read More: Don’t Cry For Us, Argentina

Retirement Accounts Could Boost Treasuries

The Federal Government is running massive budget deficits which is creating a massive supply of Treasuries.  But there is no demand and so the Federal Reserve is monetizing the debt.  But these colored coupons merely amount to certificates of confiscation.  Where will Congress find the capital to buy Treasuries?  Most likely, your retirement account and . . . → Read More: Retirement Accounts Could Boost Treasuries

American Disease, 2009

Ann Elk: Where? Oh, what is my theory? This is it. My theory that belongs to me is as follows. This is how it goes. The next thing I’m going to say is my theory. Ready?

TV Interviewer: Yes.

Ann Elk: … This theory goes as follows and begins now. All brontosauruses are thin . . . → Read More: American Disease, 2009