To Fly

So I debated whether to point out the obvious here, but I wasn’t even sure if this was serious.  See the press release: Pittsburgh International Airport Celebrates 20 Years Of Service, Innovation And Growth In The Pittsburgh Region.

No hubris there.  I’m now half expecting the Nuttings to issue a press release highlighting 76 . . . → Read More: To Fly

Congratulations, Environmentalists

It looks oil price trends don’t bode well for the future of air travel:

Emirates, the biggest airline by international traffic, said more carriers will go bust this year as fuel costs and sluggish economies undermine profitability.

“We can reel off a whole load of airlines that are teetering on the brink or are . . . → Read More: Congratulations, Environmentalists

Pittsburgh is doomed

h/t to Jim R. for catching this intense bit of dismalness on the future of Pittsburgh from the Washington Monthly article Terminal Sickness, subtitled (How a thirty-year-old policy of deregulation is slowly killing America’s airline system—and taking down Cincinnati, Memphis, and St. Louis with it.).  The money quote is below.

Before you read I . . . → Read More: Pittsburgh is doomed

I didn't know they had 90 jobs left to cut

File today’s news in the “sure bet” file.  Big bet it was. The thing is… all those IRR NPV calculations on the cost-benefit of allthose subsidies?  Just a tad off in their assumptions I bet.  Folks have begun to forget the late 1990’s when support of USAir(ways) and airport based economic development was the key . . . → Read More: I Didn’t Know They Had 90 Jobs Left to Cut

Consequences of Air India Being a Zombie Airline

Air India has got itself into serious trouble, and private airlines are also doing badly. The CMIE report on air transport for August 2009 shows a bad picture for the airline industry: from the quarter ended June 2007 onwards, in each quarter, the PAT margin was negative.

There are three interesting aspects to the . . . → Read More: Consequences of Air India Being a Zombie Airline