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8:14 am
December 21, 2009

Dan McLaughlin


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Many decades ago, George Orwell wrote a book called Animal Farm. It used a farm as a metaphor for society and depicted the transformation of a productive enterprise into a totalitarian regime. The progress toward dictatorship took small steps that were held to be in the best interests of “the people.” Equality of conditions was affirmed as the highest ideal. The redistribution of wealth from the productive led to universal dependency and slavery, which are the ultimate end results of socialism.

There is no universal definition of socialism, so it may be helpful to state mine here. It is the idea that individual rights are subordinate to the good of society, as determined by those in power. The varieties of socialism only diverge over the degree of suppression of which particular rights.

The key phrase from the book, one that resonates so clearly today, is “All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others.” When it is all said and done, equality is only for the peons, the lesser folk, the non-intellectual, non-wealthy proletariat. The political leaders, the elite, represented in the book by the pigs, are above equality. They proclaim that they need their wealth and power to do what is good for society. As Dr. Evil of Austin Powers fame would mockingly say, “Riiiiiiiiight.” The most influential promoters of socialist ideals are fabulously wealthy. They have vast opportunities to put their money where their collective mouths are. Yet, those selfless acts of mercy are strangely absent.

Paul Krugman, a high profile New York Times columnist, is a so-called economist who, in spite of being an economics professor, actually rejects all economic principles in favor of demagoguery and ideology. Last year he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Economics by the unabashedly socialist central bank of the socialist, egalitarian country of Sweden. One of his hot topics is income inequality and he decries the large salaries of corporate executives, yet he has no conscientious objection to accepting $50,000 for a speaking engagement or a million dollar Nobel award. With his salary, consulting, speaking and sales of best selling books, he earns many multiples of the average income. He does not, however, volunteer to donate all of his excess to those who are under the average. Might that call into question his egalitarian motives?

George Soros is a multi-billionaire, who earned his wealth from free market capitalism. He has become a leading voice in international socialism and is putting together a panel of socialist economists to develop a “new economics.” Included on the panel is Joseph Stiglitz, another wealthy Nobel Prize winner in economics. He also happens to be on an advisory board to the Socialist International, called the Commission on Global Financial issues. Soros has committed $50 million to establish the Institute for New Economic Thinking. Rather than donating his billions to the poor all over the world, he instead, finds it appropriate to use his incredible influence to promote redistribution schemes for you and me and anyone not lucky enough to be one of the exalted elite.

Redistributionist President Obama and his wife Michelle both had high paying jobs before the presidency, and made millions on best selling books. Did they redistribute their own excess to the less fortunate? No, they lived instead like wealthy capitalists in their $1.6 million dollar home. At one time, he worked with the radical socialist ACORN organization, learning the Saul Alinsky method of community organizing, igniting division and agitation and fanning the flames of victim mentality. As president, he has a stable full of wealthy socialists and international bankers, who have no qualms about taking away your rights and redistributing your income.

We are at a dangerous crossroads. American government in all branches has become infected with socialists who would like nothing better than to see our nation crumble. They would replace our constitution, based on freedom and the rights of every individual, with the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights, which is an appropriate statement of rights for the former Soviet Union or the present North Korea.

The Orwellian “pigs” are taking over the farm. We, the people, are cheering them on. If we continue down this road, there will come a time when we are disarmed and dependent on benevolent government bureaucrats. Dependency is slavery. That is what socialism is all about. It is no surprise that many influential people tend to support socialism and “spreading the wealth”. They are, after all, the pigs who are “more equal.”

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10:02 pm
December 21, 2009


New Member

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Thankfully, the people who matter are waking up, instead of rolling over and having to suck it in.

The American people have been forced to swallow a lot. “Affirmative Action” (which rewards the less intelligent and lazy over the intelligent and productive), Forced Bussing (where children attending good schools are forced to attend mediocre or bad schools, all in the name of “fairness”), quotas, “Set Asides,” and other erosions to their freedoms. Each time someone voiced their opposition, they were silenced with left-wing name-calling (”racist,” “homophobe,” and so on). No one wanted to be associated with these evils, and so they became silent (shades of “The Hangman!”).

But now, people are finally waking up. Thanks to the Internet and cable/satellite television, to persons such as Mike Shedlock, Gerald Celente, Glenn Beck, and so on,  people are finally finding out the truth. They are organizing TEA (Taxed Enough Already) Parties, backing candidates who stand with the Constituion and do not view it as Obama does, that of a document of “negative liberties.” They know they will have their chance in 2010.

However, beneath this veneer of civility is a civil war that is very real. For this civil war is not between regions, nor between “classes,” but is between those who cherish Liberty in all its forms aganist the slavery known as “entitlement.” Many have told me that, should this current administration even attempt to try to grab their firearms, gold, or other property; or if there is a suspension of the 2010 election or, if there is widespread cheating so that a liberal loser suddenly “triumphs at the polls,” there will be civil war. These people have seen the DHS “study,” that basically any who oppose this administration are “domestic terrorists,” and will be treated as such. They might as well fight for their liberties, instead of continuing to live under a virtual dictatorship.

8:14 pm
September 25, 2017



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