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11:22 am
June 22, 2009

Dan McLaughlin


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Socialism is alive and well. In America, as elsewhere, however, the socialist movement isn’t and never has been a worker’s movement, as it has been made out to be. Socialism has been, from the start, a movement of intellectuals. It festers on college campuses. It is a framework constructed by very smart people who think that ordinary people are too stupid to run their own lives. Those less capable underlings need wise, educated people, like the intellectual socialist class, to tell them what to think, what to buy and not to buy, and to determine what is good and bad for them and their families. Workers of the world, they consider you to be the incompetent slugs who cannot manage your affairs.

Since the beginning, the workers of the world have been used as pawns for the wealthy and intellectual socialist elite to achieve political power. Together, the Kim Jong Ils, the Robert Mugabes, the Maurice Strongs and George Soroses of the world control billions of dollars in personal wealth. Not your typical working class guys.

While Karl Marx gave the pseudo-theoretical justification to the revolutionary class struggle approach to socialism, he was not of the working class, nor was his benefactor, Freidrich Engles, a wealthy industrialist. The inevitable Marxian state dictatorship is not made up of workers, but rather the political elite. The workers become slaves wherever Marx’s flavor of revolutionary socialism is forced upon them.

Fabian Socialists use a very different method than the Marxists. It is the gradualist approach, which uses the institutions of a society to turn public opinion against voluntary markets and individual freedom. It seems that they have been very successful over the last few decades, as a large share of American politicians and high level bureaucrats are either closet socialists or outright, self avowed socialists.

The problem with socialism is that, whether it is the brutal Marxian version or the patient Fabian version, it is still slavery. It is the forfeiting of the rights of the individual to the state. Ultimately, there can be no middle way. There can be no mixed economy in the long run. Socialism is the abolition of voluntary markets. To the extent that socialism wins out, freedom loses. The ultimate expression of socialism is totalitarianism because people don’t give up their freedom voluntarily. The only way to make people obey the will of the state is with the iron fist.

The societies that appear to be mixed economies now are not really mixed. They are free markets that are in the process of being overrun by socialism. They are precursors to the socialist state. It is a very uncomfortable idea, but the United States is actually a very long way down the road in that direction. Most Americans are simply normal, good natured, busy people who want to live their lives without being bothered by politics, except for a few days during election season. Unfortunately, those who wish to take their freedom from them are very happy to work diligently all year round. Fortunately, it is not an inevitable progression, and it has been reversed in the past, when the people vigorously fight against it.

Things are happening startlingly quickly. The events of the day have many politicians reciting the mantra, “Never let a good crisis go to waste.” The consolidation of power needs crisis for legitimacy. Some of the things we are seeing now have never happened in this country in my lifetime, nor that of most living Americans. A disturbing number of people have forgotten or have never learned what it is to be an American, a citizen of the only country the very foundation of which is freedom of the individual and responsibility for one’s own life. It is time for Americans to sit up and take notice that history repeats itself when people forget, and history is often not pretty.

These events have happened in the past, even the recent past, in other countries. History is littered with the ashes of egalitarian workers paradises, or the corpses of the workers themselves. Members of the political class under any form of highly centralized government, whether they are made up of corporatists, czars or commissars, necessarily use the common person for their own benefit.

Marx’s famous words from the Communist Manifesto, “Workers of the world, Unite!”, is an appropriate theme for today. With its obvious tendency to create mass misery, the workers should realize they must unite against socialism for their own benefit.

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5:21 am
April 5, 2012



I agree to you….

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