About the Blogs



Greg Beatty, PhD (Fictionomics)

Greg lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife. He spends his time walking the dog which, in Washington, means he’s often all wet.

Jennifer Bunn, RN (The Dismal Side of Healthcare)

Jennifer is a registered nurse who enjoys freelancing on the side.

Mark Mahorney (The Economic Speculators)

Mark Mahorney is a freelance financial writer with a background in economics. He has been researching and writing about financial markets since 2001.

Evelyn Black (The Economic Speculators)

Evelyn is a freelance writer living in the Northern Midwest. Her articles and blogs have been published on many popular websites. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in Maize, No Exit, The Sun, and Square Lake. Evelyn holds a BA and a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Indiana University and specializes in financial topics, ecology, and current events.

J.C., MD (The Dismal Side of Healthcare)

J.C. is a practicing physician with an interest in health economics and policy. Before his medical career, he worked in finance.

G.L.C., JD (Economically Correct)

G.L.C. is a partner with PP705, LLC, a New York-based legal outsourcing company specializing in legal drafting and writing.

J.D. Seagraves (Amateur Economists)

J.D. is a financial writer, libertarian political activist, and serial infopreneur. He lives in Saginaw, Michigan, with his wife and young daughter.

Mike Chase (Digital Lifestyle)

Mike is a retired banker and entrepreneur. He taught finance, economics, and management for 20 years at the university level. Now he is ordered about by his wife, dogs, and bird and occasionally thinks and writes.

Stephan Zimmerman (No Widgets Here)

Read Stephan’s bio in his post, “Got an Economics Question?”

Erica Tesla (Digital Lifestyle)

Erica is a writer from Omaha, Nebraska, with a background in physics, international issues, and education. In addition to her freelance work, she has engaged in research for the Department of Defense on such diverse topics as border protection, economic development, drug policy, and IT security. Her personal blog can be found at http://www.sperari.com.

Heather Crow (Economically Correct)

Heather has a degree in Economics and a Master’s in Communications with a concentration in Theater. She has worked in professional theater administration and also as a stockbroker and now writes on the side. She lives in South Louisiana with her husband and three boys and is learning the strange Napoleanic Code in her second year at LSU Law school while earning a JD and a BCL (Bachelor of Civil Law).

Bhagwad Jal Park (Amateur Economists)

Bhagwad is a freelance writer who lives in Chennai, India. He has a degree in Computer Science and is qualified as an MBA. He maintains a blog at http://bhagwad.blogspot.com and his professional homepage is http://bhagwad.googlepages.com. He is interested in literature, psychology, and science.