Ape the Rich

There are probably diminishing returns to this investment strategy, but aping the rich is not a bad idea, at least in this case:

Investors worried that inflation and financial market turmoil will wipe out the value of their cash have poured money into gold over the past decade. Prices have gained almost 500 percent . . . → Read More: Ape the Rich

Time to Rethink a Myth

Maybe parents might want to consider the effects of pushing their children to get a college education:

Cyndee Marcoux already was stretched thin, thanks to the $80,000 in student loans she racked up after getting divorced and going back to school a decade ago. Her breaking point came in 2010, when her daughter defaulted . . . → Read More: Time to Rethink a Myth

The Future Is Not Pretty For Women

The Grey Lady reports:

Sixty percent of women in the United States who are 65 or older do not have enough income to cover basic expenses without help, even if they are married, according to the report.

That is compared to 41 percent of men in that age group.

The report compares income, not . . . → Read More: The Future Is Not Pretty For Women

Behind Curtain Number 2...

Sometimes it is worth looking back at old posts. Actually a reader reminded me recently that there still are ‘deals’ being shopped to consumers for locking in long term natural gas prices.   Reminds me that a year and a half ago I posted this letter I received myself.

Was it a good deal?  Even . . . → Read More: Behind Curtain Number 2…

Working Hard in the Garden

Thanks for the article from Laura Ryan

I worked in the garden all day yesterday. I was trying to clean out all of the winter nastiness because I heard that we were having an early spring. I raked and hauled off leaves, pulled vines, tended the soil, and picked up an trash that had . . . → Read More: Working Hard in the Garden

Raising your children

Thanks to Darwin Barton

There’s something to be said for raising your kids on a daily basis and that’s what I’m working on doing. A few years back my husband and I made the tough decision for me to quit my job and it’s been really nice, actually, since we’re able to have me . . . → Read More: Raising your children

Choosing an Options Broker

With all of the volatility and uncertainty in the market, investing with options can be a good strategy to limit risk or speculate on a theory without putting down too much capital.  Trading with options can be risky and requires a good understanding of the underlying security and why options change in price, so . . . → Read More: Choosing an Options Broker

The Morality of Walking Away

There appears to be a misunderstanding:

Now, with the property worth roughly $60,000 less than the balance of their mortgage, Martin, 68, has been giving serious thought to just walking away, a process lenders call “strategic default.”

“Guilt and morality are one side, and objective financial analysis are on the other side,” Martin said. . . . → Read More: The Morality of Walking Away

Still No Sympathy for the Poor

Here’s Bryan Caplan:

What about the “losers”? Bite your tongue. When you call lower-income people “losers,” you’re falsely assuming that we’re all racing for the same finish line: material success. But to a large extent, lower-income people are just racing for other finish lines. Leftist outrage over income inequality is therefore deeply misguided. To . . . → Read More: Still No Sympathy for the Poor

Love my Garage

Thanks to Darwin Barton

Having a house is great. I love having a garage to park in, I love having separate room for my office and my husband’s “man cave.” I really love having a fenced in backyard for our dog and cat. I don’t love worrying about burglary, or fire, or flood. Life . . . → Read More: Love my Garage