Has preventative health care become code for paternalism?

‘The Taskforce says that prevention is everyone’s business – and we call on the state, territory and local governments, on non-government and peak organisations, health professionals and practitioners, communities, families and on individuals to contribute towards making Australia the healthiest country by 2020.’ (Extract from ‘Taking Preventative Action’, the federal government’s response to the . . . → Read More: Has preventative health care become code for paternalism?

To Finity and Beyond

Here’s the underlying problem with Medicare, universal health care, and any and all attempts at reform:

Putting aside, for the moment, the details of the Ryan plan, what many voters refuse to understand is the unpleasant choice they inevitably face. Either cost-control by the consumers or cost-control (aka rationing) by the State. The issue . . . → Read More: To Finity and Beyond

Health Care Consumers

People are bringing up the point that people simply don’t shop for health care. That we’re not consumers. Usually that people are non-economists, like some ER doc who thinks that he had to study for 8 years to become a doc, but that economists are just people with opinions. Or like Paul Krugman, who . . . → Read More: Health Care Consumers

The Cost of Obesity

A Breakdown of Birth

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Daily Ranking - Most Insured

Daily Beast has Pittsburgh at #11 on a list of most insured places in the nation.

So the question why comes up when this stat pops up and it’s pretty simple.  A combination of Pennsylvania’s CHIP and a lot of folks covered by Medicare together add up for us.  Pennsylvania pops up disproportionately on . . . → Read More: Daily Ranking – Most Insured

Health Care

Health care in the USA is completely broken. Health care is a difficult problem, to be sure, but I think it’s clear that we’re currently solving it very badly. Two problems with health care: One is that people expect everyone to have the same health care as a rich person, even if they’re not . . . → Read More: Health Care

Explaining the Latest Version of ObamaCare

Simply put, it’s like this: If you’re a member of Generation X or Y or whatever the hell they’re calling the various post-Boomer generations these days, you are to be boiled in hot water until you’re nice and tender and your meat and bones have separated.

The insurance companies receive the meat (“individual mandate”).

. . . → Read More: Explaining the Latest Version of ObamaCare

Canadian and U.S. Healthcare Systems Compared

A study by June O’Neill and Dave M. O’Neill (link) suggests that the U.S health care system provides more choice, efficiency, better delivery and capacity than the Canadian system:

“Does Canada’s publicly funded, single payer health care system deliver better health outcomes and distribute health resources more equitably than the multi-payer heavily private U.S. . . . → Read More: Canadian and U.S. Healthcare Systems Compared

Obamacare Is Not Possible

Folks, I have bad news for you. The Barack Obama Health Care Reform (shepherded through by Nancy Pelosi) will be, as written, an utter and unmitigated disaster. It attempts to do two things which are, in combination, impossible. First, it makes health insurance much more widely available through the mind-boggling deal it made . . . → Read More: Obamacare Is Not Possible