Betting on the Wrong Side of the Market

Here’s some bad advice:

You don’t have to shell out hundreds of dollars every year to watch your favorite shows. This year, consider canceling your cable and taking advantage of several free and low-cost entertainment services. The website Hulu, for instance, lets you watch a variety of hit shows for free such as Glee, . . . → Read More: Betting on the Wrong Side of the Market

Market Distortion in the News Industry


Newspapers have been unable to monetise the internet as an income stream. This is in part because the BBC website offers so much content for free (i.e licence fee-payer funded) that it heavily distorts the market and mitigates against charging for content. The BBC itself has been forced to recognise this and plans . . . → Read More: Market Distortion in the News Industry

Daily Ranking - Underused Airports

The Infrastructurist has a list of the most underutilized airports in the world.


Though I have to say the ‘reason’ they give is pretty misleading.  No mention at all of a few bankruptcies for USAirways and a terminal built to spec for a hub operation they abandoned.

Money-less ball

I read this headline and really couldn’t believe it.   ComputerWorld of all places has this story today: Pirates tap BI tools to forecast, boost attendance.  Notice there is no mention of improving on field performance as a means to improve attendance.  They just want to narrow in on what poor folks are still willing . . . → Read More: Money-less ball

Bloody Pirates

So John Nolte has a post at Big Hollywood that attempts to explain why DVD sales have declined.

Blu-Ray sales have cannibalized some DVD sales, as has the rise of RedBox, Netflix, and Hulu. But Nolte posits that this is not enough to explain the decline. He argues that the reason for the decline . . . → Read More: Bloody Pirates

Hidden Taxes

Douglas French on Chesapeake Bay Candle Co.:

The U.S. plant will employ 100 people, and more than a year ago the company bought a former liquor warehouse outside of Baltimore, thinking they would be open in nine months. But it’s 13 months and counting. Xu and Wang have already spent $1 million more than . . . → Read More: Hidden Taxes

Porn in America

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How Netflix Destroyed Blockbuster

Watching markets work: Bad move, Nokia

I have long marveled about how quickly the world of mobile phones has rapidly moved through four paradigms. My first mobile phone was a Nokia and they seemed to rule. But then Blackberry won because Nokia did not get the importance of email. And then Apple won because Blackberry did not look beyond email. . . . → Read More: Watching Markets Work: Bad Move, Nokia

Super Bowl Ads

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