Author E-Interviews & Book Giveaways

On October 7, Citizen Economists (formerly Amateur Economists) turned 3 months old. We didn’t do anything to celebrate our first and second-month milestones, so we decided to do things differently this time around.

Author Interviews

Over the next few weeks, we’ll be interviewing authors who write on topics that you care about: healthcare, business, the economy, etc. We’ll post the e-interviews in the blogs and then open the floor to questions from all readers via the comments section (please keep in mind, our comments policy always apply). Finally, we’ll close the Q&A with a drawing for free copies of the author’s book.

So far, we have interviewed with:

How to Participate

To be entered into a drawing, you must submit your question(s) to the comments section of the e-interview post (see links above) within 7 days of its posting date. The author will also respond with his or her answers in that post’s comments area. We will hold the drawings right after the 7 days have passed and notify the winners by email. We will also be announcing the winners on this page (see the Winners section below).

Note: The number of copies we’ll be giving away varies by author. Please see the interview post for the exact amount.

Please also subscribe to our blogs (via email or RSS) to stay up to date on the upcoming e-interviews and book giveaways.

Drawing Rules

Here are the rules & qualifications that apply to all drawings:

  1. You must submit your question(s) in the comments section of the interview post within 7 days of its posting date.
  2. Please read the comments policy before submitting your question(s).
  3. Citizen Economists writers will not be entered in the drawing.
  4. Only U.S. and Canada residents are qualified for prizes.
  5. Must enter a valid email address when submitting a comment. (Please note: Your email address will not be published.)
  6. If submitting multiple comments, each comment must be submitted with the same email address.
  7. While you can submit as many questions/comments as you want, each reader who participates in the Q&A will only have one entry in the drawing.
  8. Winners will be notified by email. You must respond within 3 days to claim your book.

Have A Question?

If you have any questions regarding the drawings or book giveaways, please submit them in the comments area below. Questions for the author must be submitted in the appropriate e-interview post for consideration in one of the drawings.