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Citizen Economists launched on July 7, 2008, as an online economics magazine written by citizen journalists. These ordinary citizens provide reports and commentary on the current events affecting the economics of the fields they work in. They include a physician, registered nurse, lawyer, retired economics professor, and a customer service representative.

Our slogan, “A Conversational Magazine for Citizen Economists,” means that both our readers and writers participate in the journalism of this magazine through conversations in our blogs and forums. Readers of the mainstream media are used to information that goes one way: from the media to the people. Our readers actively participate in the news process and are not afraid to voice their own opinions and listen to those of others.

Citizen Economists originally launched under the name Amateur Economists. Since we’re citizen journalists who write on the economics of our professional fields, we felt that Citizen Economists was a more appropriate name and made the change on October 12.

Articles are published every weekday.

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We believe news should be an all-way (not one-way) conversation among and between authors and readers. Each participate in the journalism of this magazine, and blog comments are crucial to that participation. However, please note that all comments are moderated prior to being posted. This is to ensure that distasteful and disrespectful comments and spam that were missed by our spam filter do not get posted. Therefore, please keep the following in mind when posting your comments in the blogs:

  • Be respectful of the blog post’s author and other readers.
  • If you disagree with the author or another reader, personally attacking him or her is the least effective way to get your point across and the most effective way to get your comment deleted.
  • Trolling (posting irrelevant comments) and flaming (posting insulting and disrespectful comments) will not be tolerated.
  • If your comment contains very insightful facts and adds substance to the discussion but does not meet the above guidelines, it will not be posted.

Again, we are a conversational news magazine, and comments play an important role in our news process. Our guidelines are designed so that most comments are posted, yet only the blatantly disrespectful ones are deleted. For example, if a reader posts a comment that is completely false but meets the general guidelines above, we will not delete it. Internet readers have the ability, resources, and knowledge to determine what is true and false. If you believe a comment is false, post a reply. But make sure that it conforms with the guidelines above.

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R. C. Anderson, PhD | Read articles by R. C.

R. C. currently resides in Colorado with her husband. Her degree is in plant pathology. She has conducted research on how pathogenic bacteria colonize their host as well as their gene regulation during infection.

Lee Jamieson | Read articles by Lee

Lee is a freelance author and journalist currently living in Cyprus. He has written two books about theater and has published a wide range of articles on business, investment and economics.

Mary Nichols | Read articles by Mary

Mary is a British expat living in Southeast Asia. As a freelance researcher and writer, she specializes in topics relating to employment and labor markets, migration, refugees, crime and social trends. Mary was formerly employed for many years as a social policy researcher in several UK Government Departments.

James Ratcliff | Read articles by Jim

A 1974 graduate of George Washington University, Jim is a missionary and a freelance writer in Brownsville, Texas. His mission as a writer is to help people discover God’s purpose for their lives. You can find him at http://overflowinghope.typepad.com.

Cheryl Grey | Read articles by Cheryl

Cheryl Grey became interested in amateur economics when her husband began dabbling in forex currency trading. She now writes a blog on the topic as well as mystery and romantic suspense novels. She graduated magna cum laude from the University of Houston-Downtown with a Bachelor of General Studies and from Seton Hill University with an MA in Writing Popular Fiction. Cheryl has almost 30 years of freelance writing experience alongside an employment background in the legal and publishing industries.

Dan McLaughlin | Read articles by Dan

Dan worked for twenty years in business, first as a Certified Public Accountant and then as a corporate financial officer. He authors a column on economic and political issues and an avid student of the Austrian School of economics. Visit his website at www.aboutfreedom.org.

Dirk McCoy | Read articles by Dirk

Dirk is an entrepreneur with an engineering degree from Illinois and an MBA from Northwestern University. He has founded and led two electronics manufacturing companies and conducted business around the world with both Fortune 500 and smaller companies. He lives in Illinois and loves raising three great kids with his wonderful wife.

Greg Beatty, PhD | Read Greg’s blogs

Greg lives in Bellingham, Washington, with his wife. He spends his time walking the dog which, in Washington, means he’s often all wet.

Jennifer Bunn, RN | Read Jennifer’s blogs

Jennifer is a registered nurse who enjoys freelancing on the side.

Mark Mahorney | Read Mark’s blogs

Mark Mahorney is a freelance financial writer with a background in economics. He has been researching and writing about financial markets since 2001.

Evelyn Black | Read Evelyn’s blogs

Evelyn is a freelance writer living in the Northern Midwest. Her articles and blogs have been published on many popular websites. Her short fiction and poetry have appeared in Maize, No Exit, The Sun, and Square Lake. Evelyn holds a BA and a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from Indiana University and specializes in financial topics, ecology, and current events.

J.C., MD | Read Dr. J.C.’s blogs

Dr. J.C. is a practicing physician with an interest in health economics and policy. Before his medical career, he worked in finance.

G.L.C., JD | Read G.L.C.’s blogs

G.L.C. is a partner with PP705, LLC, a New York-based legal outsourcing company specializing in legal drafting and writing.

J.D. Seagraves | Read J.D.’s blogs and articles

J.D. is a financial writer, libertarian political activist, and serial infopreneur. He lives in Saginaw, Michigan, with his wife and young daughter.

Mike Chase | Read Mike’s blogs

Mike is a retired banker and entrepreneur. He taught finance, economics, and management for 20 years at the university level. Now he is ordered about by his wife, dogs, and bird and occasionally thinks and writes.

Stephan Zimmerman | Read Stephan’s blogs and articles

Read Stephan’s bio in his post, “Got an Economics Question?”

Bhagwad Jal Park | Read B.J.’s blogs

Bhagwad is a freelance writer who lives in Chennai, India. He has a degree in Computer Science and is qualified as an MBA. He maintains a blog at http://www.bhagwad.com/blog and his professional homepage is http://www.bhagwad.com. He is interested in literature, psychology, and science.

Bron Suchecki | Read Bron’s blogs

This articles are Bron’s thoughts on all things precious metals. They are not endorsed by the Perth Mint (who I work for) in any way. You can also find his thoughts at http://goldchat.blogspot.com

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