Bitcoin Market Update for June 09, 2014

The 24 hour average across USD Bitcoin markets is US$648.71, the 7 day average is US$651.56, and the 30 day average is US$569.61.Among active exchanges, the most volatile exchange of the day was localbtcUSD with a range between high and low trades of US$580.2, the exchange with the smallest bid/ask spread was lakeUSD with . . . → Read More: Bitcoin Market Update for June 09, 2014

GLD vault defragmentation

Warren has a cool animation showing the addition and redemption of pallets of gold bars out of GLD’s vault, done in the style of the old PC disk defrag programs, at the screwtapefiles blog. A few comments on the 5 minute animation (see screenshot below): During the┬áredemptions in 2013, most of the bars are . . . → Read More: GLD vault defragmentation