A Different Type of Bitcoin Exchange

Typical Bitcoin exchanges offer a service where you can buy or sell your bitcoins at the value set by the exchange in the fiat currency of your choice.  There are many of these exchanges available, and they all offer similar services with varying fees, quality of service, and reliability.  However, there is another type of exchange now available at https://cex.io/ that offers the ability to buy or sell GHS, or billion hashes per second for bitcoins.

The service offered by CEX.io is the first of its kind, and should be of interest to Bitcoin miners, Bitcoin traders, investors looking for alternative assets, and anyone looking for arbitrage opportunities.  It allows you to buy shares in Bitcoin mining operations,which run on specialized hardware, without requiring any technological knowledge or startup costs.  You can buy GHS and begin earning bitcoins from that processing power.  Also, if you are already mining bitcoins, it give you the opportunity to sell that processing power on the open market if it is worth more to someone else than it is to you.

Any investor who believes in the future of digital currencies should take a look at CEX.io, because an investment in a specialized bitcoin mining operation pays dividends immediately, and could be even more valuable in the future.  I recommend monitoring the price of GHS on their website and buying some shares when the time is right.

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