The real article worth reading in the PG

So yes, you may think I would most want to self reference this piece in the PG:  For Pittsburgh a future not reliant on steel was unthinkable … and unavoidable

But no, the more important thing to read is on the “Next Page” and the idea of bringing rapid transit to Cranberry. See: Go North. Light Rail.   Who would’ve thunk that? Crazy idea bringing transit to the fastest growing part of the region and all.

Of course, this has been a theme here in the past.  I mentioned the idea of “Rapid transit to Cranberry” even this last just in October in: Pod or Bust for me.  (or as far back as 2008 in: G20 Thoughts and More).  Seriously, the idea is self-evident except I suppose to those who want to see transit wither into oblivion.

Oh.. yes.  I know.  Silly to divert resources even thinking about something that will never happen when there are so many other pressing transit issues in town. Must be why the bureaucracies supported Maglev for so long. Something the public knew full well was never going to happen.  Support, mind you, that lasted right up until the virtually undeniable end that only came early this year.

You know..  we really do maintain a certain economic motif here.

and just for the record. For those who continue to read ink these days, I have absolutely nothing to do with the placement of advertisements near my piece today on the inside page.

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