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PG has a story on the latest in immigrant attraction efforts in town here.  Certainly not the first of such efforts. More than a decade ago Pittsburgh’s immigrant attraction efforts were page A1 in the NYT with this:   To Fill Gaps, Cities Seek Wave of Immigrants. It has also been a nearly perpetual topic here in town for some time. From 2006 and the diaspora report: What’s stopping Pittsburgh from growing (hey, bring back the diaspora report!) or this also from 2006 in the PG: We need all the immigrants we can get.

Still, it may be a unique sentiment across the broader Western PA region.  Not too many years ago this also made the NYT: Altoona, With No Immigrant Problem, Decides to Solve It.

Most of those stories for Pittsburgh are more regional in focus.  The story today looks to be city-centric based on the Pittsburgh Promise and more focused on Hispanic immigration. One issue for Pittsburgh is that the broader recent immigration looks to be settling outside the city proper.

If you want to dig into all this more, a good starting point is former WSJ journalist (and now ASU journalism professor) Gregg Zachary’s white paper: Immigrants as urban saviors: When Immigrants Revive a City and When They Don’t – Lessons from the United States.

But where we are right now is that most new immigrants into the region are Asian with Chinese and Indian being the most common of new Pittsburghers.   It is a story that has reached back to India even.  I like that VOA report because the journalist was Kane Farabaugh who is born and raised in Sheraden no less.  I still think someone needs to write a meta-article on the vast army of diasporan journalists out there.  It is not a small number of Pittsburghers in media elsewhere.

and finally in what is mostly a pre-blog blog post in the Tribune Review see my commentary from over a decade ago: The Truth About Immigration.

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