Expensive clothes? In Pittsburgh??

From last month, but the latest data on local inflation has an odd factoid in it.   If you look into the detail of how prices went up year over year in Pittsburgh, the data is showing an 11% annual increase in local apparel costs? What’s up with that, it does not seem to be . . . → Read More: Expensive clothes? In Pittsburgh??

Casey Panel: The Energy Crisis Is Here—Here’s How to Play It

Oil and gas reserves around the world are growing scarcer by the minute, and people are looking to their governments for answers. However, leaders’ responses are often motivated more by the desire to boost approval ratings than by the need to find real, long-term supply solutions. The individual investor may not have the . . . → Read More: Casey Panel: The Energy Crisis Is Here—Here’s How to Play It

Here Comes QE3!

Satan’s retarded cousin (“Ben Bernanke,” as he’s known to many in the public) has apparently decided that the dollar just is not yet close enough to worthless:

The Federal Reserve’s announcement today that is launching a third round of quantitative easing validated widely held expectations that the central bank would provide more monetary stimulus . . . → Read More: Here Comes QE3!

Economic Events on September 17, 2012

At 8:30 AM Eastern Time, the Empire State manufacturing index for October will be released. The consensus is that the index value will be -2, which would be 3.85 points higher than the value reported in the previous month.