In Pittsburgh: Old is always new again

So Pittsburgh is being chosen as a center for energy education because.  Something new? No, we have long… very long… been Energy-Burgh.

and I see the news is catching up to this announcement from earlier in the week..  We are even a leader in….. Propane?  So we may have more sedans on the streets of Pittsburgh proper running propane than natural gas?  Someone didn’t send the Natural Gas Uber Alles memo to the French.   I am curious if we actually ever got the hydrogen fuel cell taxis here that were written about.

I have to admit I did finally see a customer using the natural gas pump in the Strip District.

Don’t forget… Not new, but there is a recent news mention reminding me that real energy future for the region may be just over the border in West Virginia which may someday become the new center of all things geothermal. I volunteer for the delegation to go to Iceland to investigate that.

More history: PNC is buying the Lord and Taylor building. It’s all very Back to the Future’ish.

I guess the exception may be that a ‘runner’s world’ may open in Shadyside. I guess there is no hope the Balcony will really reopen.  Google is fun: I still occassionally get e-mail from folks who seem to find that article presume that story was real.

Seriously though…  Between PNC’s continued construction, the new Oxford development that was sort-of announced last week and all the other development Downtown I still have a real question.  Given the scale of transit cuts coming, and lack of any new parking supply Downtown…  can Downtown Pittsburgh really support more daytime workers?  Even that debate is anachronistic since much of the debate in the 1940’s here was on the same topic and lead to not only the creation of the Pittsburgh Parking Authority but a lot of the public support of parking garages Downtown. All part of the Pittsburgh möbius.

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