Maybe I Can Help

Paul Krugman is having difficulty reaching a conclusion:

So Japan, which is spending heavily for post-tsunami reconstruction, is growing quite fast, while Italy, which is imposing austerity measures, is shrinking almost equally fast.

There seems to be some kind of lesson here about macroeconomics, but I can’t quite put my finger on it …

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Cleveburgh Steel

Remember when the steel industry rated local news?

The 24 hour news cycle can be brutal.  Just beyond greater Pittsburgh, but near the center mass of Cleveburgh is Trumbull County, Ohio… home to Warren, Ohio and part of the Mahoning Valley were these two stories recently:

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An Extraordinary Time to Be in the Driver's Seat: Aaron Kennon

Aaron Kennon, co-founder and CEO of Clear Harbor Asset Management, shares some of his company’s trade secrets in this exclusive interview with The Gold Report. Educating yourself is critical before investing, and Kennon suggests questions to ask, what specialized knowledge your adviser should know and why small-cap and junior resource equities are offering . . . → Read More: An Extraordinary Time to Be in the Driver’s Seat: Aaron Kennon

Economic Events on May 30, 2012

The Mortgage Bankers’ Association purchase index will be released at 7:00 AM Eastern time, providing an update on the quantity of new mortgages and refinancings closed in the last week.

The Challenger Job-Cut Report will be released at 7:30 AM Eastern time, providing an estimate of the number of layoffs in May.

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