This Explains a Lot

Paul Krugman, on Asimov’s Foundation trilogy:

I first read them when I was a teenager. I was really inspired by the psychohistorians, who used statistics and social sciences to predict the future. I knew it was fiction, but what really struck me is the notion that the science of what people do could be . . . → Read More: This Explains a Lot

Uranium Is a Deep-Value Sector: Alka Singh

Having just founded her own research company, Mine2Capital, Alka Singh has her sights set on the uranium sector, where she sees deep values in a beaten-down industry. With two major catalysts likely to boost spot prices, M&A activity afoot, new mines coming into production and new companies coming to market, well-positioned investors stand . . . → Read More: Uranium Is a Deep-Value Sector: Alka Singh

Zero is good

Nothing new for us… but check out the latest from Zillow on underwater mortgages in the US by metro area: Despite Home Value Gains, Underwater Homeowners Owe $1.2 Trillion More than Homes’ Worth

I believe it is showing we are by far the lowest incidence of ‘underwater’ mortgages, i.e. those whose home values are . . . → Read More: Zero is good

Economic Events on May 25, 2012

At 9:55 AM Eastern time, Consumer Sentiment for the second half of May will be announced.  The consensus is that the index will be at 77.8, which is the same as the value reported in the first half of the month.