Afternoon news implosion

So this is ominous via the Atlanta Journal Constitution today: Delta Cutting Staff.

If you do not read the tea leaves they don’t leave it to the imagination with this quote

“Meanwhile, Delta said it plans to further cut back international flights, just a day after celebrating the opening of Atlanta’s new international terminal with additional gates for growth.”

The new terminal down it Atlanta will of course be serviced by the Pittsburgh-made shuttle that were sold to them by Bombardier.  So we are a leader in transit system… just not ones we use ourselves.

Of course it was already a bad news day out at the airport: Frontier Airlines cancels new Pittsburgh-Milwaukee service (after just TWO WEEKS?)

and I swear I was about to post a comment to the effect of.. will we ever see the fountain at the point work again. Apparently hope springs eternal.

Assessments… yeah, assessments. What is there to say? Later.
Since it is soon to be international Facebook day, I thought it might be worth remembering the zenith of  It is a bit scary to think what the Facebook IPO would price at if it were still 1999.
and this sure seems relevant to us. From the Walkonomics Blog: Does hilliness affect walkability?
My inner Libertarian is confused by this subsidy a bit.

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