The Triumph of Pittsburgh

Harvard and Manhattan Institute scholar Ed Glaeser is going to be in town today speaking at Pitt.  Professor Glaeser is one of a very few wont to quote the late Ben Chinitz who was at chairman of the Economics Department here in the 1970s I believe.  Chinitz along with Edgar Hoover were pretty much . . . → Read More: The Triumph of Pittsburgh

Gold, Silver and Copper Investing Strategies and M&A Ideas: Vishal Gupta

Precious and base metal companies both have to obey the basic laws of physics and economics to be profitable. In this exclusive interview with The Gold Report, geologist turned analyst Vishal Gupta of Fraser Mackenzie shares names of small-cap companies that could successfully take advantage of unique mineralogy to produce profitable mines.

The . . . → Read More: Gold, Silver and Copper Investing Strategies and M&A Ideas: Vishal Gupta

Why Collectivism Fails

In the first place, it is helpful to define collectivism and failure. Collectivism refers to any and all economic and political systems where goods and services are publicly owned and operated; it is also popularly known as communism and socialism, among other terms. Failure is defined as failing to satiate the maximum number of . . . → Read More: Why Collectivism Fails

Economic Events on April 17, 2012

At 7:45 AM Eastern time, the weekly ICSC-Goldman Store Sales report will be released, giving an update on the health of the consumer through this analysis of retail sales.

At 8:30 AM Eastern time, the Housing Starts report for March will be released.  The consensus is that construction on 700,000 new homes were started . . . → Read More: Economic Events on April 17, 2012